PP Synthetic Paper note on Folding & binding

PP Synthetic Paper note on the Processing of Folding for Maps, Catalogues, Instructions, Magazines, Books, Covers and binding operation :
1. The Kuanin folding method is used for the folding operations of maps, catalogues and instructions. The press operation is important after the folding operations are completed. PP Synthetic Paper is perfectly folded and will not split after being pressed for 30 minutes.

2. If any abnormal folding occurs on the paper for magazines or books, make sure that the cutting and line breakage are complete. If the line does not break completely, sharpen the knife and reinforce the pressure of the cutting section. If the line breaks completely but wrinkle still occurs when folding the paper, check that the pressure or the press wheels of all segments is even and adjust the length of the broken line to make sure that the exhaust is normal.

3. Fence nails are recommended if there are many pages to be bound; otherwise, binding is recommended to acquire a beautiful backbone.