Synthetic Paper Printing Labels

Product Grade: RPG series

Since the printed art paper with BOPP protective film in this applications can not meet the demand for overall waterproof capability, beautiful printing effect, no breakage when separated, no residual adhesive and a single environment friendly material, a market for the labels made of synthetic paper and used to meet the demand for long-term marking of appliances and the refrigeration, waterproof capability, anti-oil application of fresh foods is maturing gradually. Synthetic paper is an ideal material for labeling factories, printing houses and label users.

Advantages of Synthetic Paper:
Good stiffness, very suitable for auto-labeling.
Print brilliantly with high resolution.
waterproof, durability, no-tear features.
No breakage or separation after stuck.
Good weather durability and anti-yellowness.

Roll RPG grade → adhesive coating → slitting → letterpress, lithographic,screen and foil stamp → product