PP Synthetic Paper Applications

PP synthetic paper, mainly made up of polypropylene, is recyclable and will not affect the service life of an incinerator as it can be completely burned. It meets the environmental requirements of modern times as it will not produce toxic gas in the process of incineration. To go along with such a trend, Nan-ya has succeeded in developing large-

scale calendering machines to produce polypropylene film, which is a technological breakthrough as in the past the polypropylene paper could only be produced on T-die extruding machine. This new process can produce far greater volume of films in consistent quality and at faster speed to satisfy market needs. We hope that this revolutionary manufacturing process will open a new, broader horizon in the application of polypropylene.

The PP film produced through this new process still keeps the good qualities of the film produced by T-die extrusion machine. In addition to good printability, it maintains excellent resistance against chemicals, grease, folding and heat. Therefore, it is very suitable for food packaging as well as such stationery as folders and covers.

In addition, we take advantages of the excellent properties of polypropylene to produce PP synthetic paper which resembles wood pulp made paper in all aspects. It gives similar hand feel of wood paper and is endowed with excellent writing quality, printability and very good tensile strength. It is also water-proof. Indeed it is the most ideal substitutes for wood paper in writing, printing, and packing applications. Nan-ya hopes to contribute its own part to improving the environment by promoting the PP synthetic paper to reduce the cutting down of natural forest.