BOPP synthetic paper

BOPP synthetic paper industry in recent years is the development of a new thin-film varieties, the use of chemicals such as olefins and then add some additives made with soft, high tensile strength, high water resistance, light resistance, heat and cold, and resistant to corrosive chemicals nor environmental pollution, good air permeability, widely used in high art, maps, pictures, books and other high-end printing.

It is used to replace the traditional paper, with high strength, good printing effect, water, oil, chemical resistance and stability, not easy to aging benefits. In today's environment growing stronger and stronger, BOPP film suppliers are increasingly attracted attention. Synthetic wide range of applications, printable water into newspapers, books, maps, business cards, calendars and posters; commercial packaging, can be used as a gift bag, garment bag, shopping bag, can also be used in food packaging and building renovation . It can be said, can replace the traditional paper almost synthetic applications.

As PP synthetic paper has both plastic and paper characteristics, so in many respects, has a wide range of applications, mainly has the following characteristics:
First, economy. Calcium carbonate mineral-filled, the weight ratio of up to 60%, which can effectively reduce the consumption of plastic, and recycled, calcium carbonate cheap, and stable.
Second, environmentally friendly. PP Synthetic sources of raw materials and manufacturing process does not result in changes in the environment and damage, the product can be 100% recycled after use, even incineration, because of its plastic substrate only carbon and oxygen, does not produce toxic and harmful gases. Plastic and paper, plastic and wood, wood and synthetic materials do not need natural plant fiber, can save a lot of forest resources and reduce environmental pollution.
Third, light weight, good rigidity.
Fourth, very durable, high strength, anti-puncture, tear (especially horizontal), abrasion resistance, folding resistance.
Fifth, not contain natural fibers, 100% waterproof, anti-chemical and anti-grease.
Sixth, the whiteness and opacity can reach 90% or more, shielding, good UV stability.
Seventh, smooth surface, dimensional stability, high quality printing performance, good printability, can be offset, letterpress, gravure, offset, screen, flexo (aniline) and other printing methods and solvents Ink can also be used pencils, pens write directly.
Eighth, good processability, can be cut, die cutting, embossing, hot stamping, drilling, stitching, folding, gluing and other processing methods.
Ninth, long shelf life, decay, corrosion.
Tenth, can replace complex, sprayed aluminum, composite laminates and other paper products. Eleventh, allows direct contact with food.
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